About Us

José Luis Vílchez

& Cora Rose

We are a pair of artists with the vision of understanding the world through the lens of our art.  

We are in the midst of the largest art project either of us has ever taken on, Art We There Yet.  We are driving 30,000 miles across North, Central, and South America aboard a school bus converted into an art and recording studio on wheels. We are creating art and music inspired by the Americas, and we are providing free arts programming in underserved communities along the way.

The goal of the project is twofold.  First, to use art to highlight our shared humanity and emphasize that diversity is our greatest strength.  Second, to provide valuable arts programming (murals, workshops, performances) for free in communities experiencing a lack of arts funding.

A key way we are funding the Art We There Yet project is through the sale of our music and art. 

Thank you for your support!